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Bramley | Surrey

Our Sessions take place twice a week in Bramley, Surrey
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Important information

    You do not have to be able to swim as buoyancy aids are used to assist and resist exercise.

    Individual sessions of 30 mins can be arranged after the classes or when is suitable for you to take part.

Class times

    Monday Morning
    9am-10, 10am-11

    Tuesday Morning
    9am-10, 10am-11, 11am-12

    Friday Morning
    9am-10, 10am-11

    Individual sessions are arranged on a Tuesday or Friday before or after the classes


    Hydrotherapy is a specialist field within the Physiotherapy profession. Exercises are performed in warm water. The depth of the pool can enable you to stand or float with buoyancy aids if needed. Enquiries to info@splashbacktherapy.co.uk