Hydrotherapy is a specialist field within the Physiotherapy profession. Exercises are performed in warm water which is between 31c -34c . The depth of the pool can enable you to stand or float with buoyancy aids if needed.

The main benefit is that it enables you to work to the best of your ability whilst in a weight relieving environment.

Many people, who have found benefit from working in water ,have tried a multitude of treatments and ways of exercising before they have found that working in water under the guidance of a Physiotherapist can be very beneficial for maintaining and improving their mobility and strength.

Exercises can be taught in a group or individual situation, all participants must attend a 1 to 1 session before inclusion into a class.

The benefits of the class environment are that participants are very encouraged by working with others, confidence is raised as exercises are mastered.
Patients with Joint replacements benefit from exercise in the water as muscles can be strengthened in a weight relieving situation.

The warmth of the water encourages relaxation of muscles and relief of pain, consequently making movement easier than on dry land.
Increased Ranges of Movement can be achieved with minimal effort using the forces of buoyancy.